Harry Brar

01 June 2022
2 months ago

Shirley Klassen

05 January 2022
7 months ago
Fixed my problem very fast & efficiently. Very happy. Plus, NO charge! Thank you Rishi. Definitely will be my 'go to' fixit man!

Rei Nagai

04 August 2021
a year ago
Professional, amazing, affordable and time efficient. Best computer repair in Abbotsford and knows what he does. will recommend.

Amarpreet Singh Sra

02 July 2021
a year ago
An awesome in-person, friendly and up to the mark experience in terms of getting my Laptop fix. Best thing is person had kept no hidden aspects in terms of tech...
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Satwinder Singh

06 June 2021
a year ago
I was quoted a hefty amount to get my computer fixed from BestBuy but they fixed my computer for way cheaper, only 25% of the amount asked by BestBuy and it was...
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Rob Dunne

03 May 2021
a year ago

Abegail Asirit

28 February 2021
a year ago
I messaged them about my problem and they were very quick to response. I was able to drop off my PC right away to them. They were able to fix my problem quickly...
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Tomas Collier-Pandya

21 February 2021
a year ago
Super quick and very helpful in diagnosing the issue with my laptop and coming up with a fast solution to get me back to work. Highly recommend terranotics to a...
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Reuben Howarth

09 February 2021
2 years ago
Found this company after going to Best Buy and being quoted an outrageous price. Terronautics was fast, professional, and best of all affordable! Fantastic expe...
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21 October 2020
2 years ago
Cheaper and more professional service as compared to different providers in market!!!